Brussels Griffon

Smooth and rough coat Griffons People have claimed this dog resembles a monkey, a clown, or an Ewok – the forest-dwelling aliens of Star Wars movies Vital Statistics: Life span: 12-15 years Adult weight: 8-12 pounds Adult height: 8-10 inches What’s good and bad about the Griffon? Pros: Good watchdog Low maintenance – little shedding, […]


Vital Statistics: Life span: 12-16 years Adult weight: 7-10 pounds Adult height: 9 1/2 to 11 1/2 inches A spunky pal, these dogs are best for active, alpha owners What’s good and bad about the Affenpinscher? Pros: Fearless watchdog Hardier and more energetic than most dogs his size Minimal shedding His nickname – ‘monkey dog’ […]