How to Decipher Breed Standards

The official American Kennel Club breed standard probably contains many unfamiliar terms. Here’s a dictionary of the most common ones illustrated with a graphic of a generic dog. Angulation – Angles formed by joints of the skeleton cobby – Stout, short-bodied, and stocky Cowhocks – When the hocks (midleg joints) on the rear legs turn […]

How to Tell If Your Dog’s in Pain

Our little dogs are good at hiding signs of pain. That may be an instinct developed when they lived in the wild and needed to hide any weakness from predators. Since they won’t tell us they’re in pain, how does an owner know when his dog needs medical care? If your dog is having trouble […]

Compare Pet Insurance

Actual Vet Bills pays x% (typically 65% to 90%) of actual bill, not predetermined ‘customary’ rate for your area Adjustable Deductible allows you to pay $0 to $1000 per incident/treatment before insurance kicks in. The higher the deductible, the lower your monthly premium. Make sure you understand how this works in your policy. Breed Xs some companies exclude […]

How to Stop Your Neighbor’s Dog from Barking

Nine Steps to Take and Two Steps to Avoid Do 1. Start with an anonymous, gentle approach Gentle because some novice puppy/dog owners do not realize Fido is barking his head off when he’s left alone or outside all day. Never leave a threatening or belligerent note because you never know who might see you […]