How to Express Your Dog’s Anal Glands

Ugh. No one wants to do this but if your dog is dragging his bottom across the floor or having trouble eliminating, it may be necessary. I prefer to let my groomer do it but you can save money and time by learning how to do it yourself. Here’s a good video from a veterinarian […]

How to Clean a Small Dog’s Ears

Ear wax buildup and excess hair in the ear canal can be problems for your dog. Not so much for hearing loss as for potential ear infestations and infections. The latter is among the top five reasons why people take dogs to vets. You can help your dog by cleaning his ears once a week […]

How to Bathe Your Dog

Here’s a quick well-done video that shows how easy this can be. If your dog hates the water (and many do), here’s a good video on how to deal with that. Good luck.

Tools for Cutting Dog’s Nails

Be sure to watch the video at to learn how to cut your dog’s nails. Below are the types of nail clippers used on dogs. Guillotine Type Clippers – Resco Deluxe Original Dog Nail Trimmer with Handle Grips I think the guillotine type are easier to use than the scissors, but it’s a matter […]

How to Cut Your Dog’s Nails

Five things to keep in mind: 1. It must be done Your dog’s nails can grow into his pad which can deform a puppy’s growth and make walking painful for an adult dog. Even if your dog walks on concrete sidewalks each day, it won’t be enough to completely keep his nails trimmed. Learn to […]

How to Pluck Your Dog’s Ear Hair

Why pluck a dog’s ear hair Remove extra hair to keep air circulating throughout the ear so the ear canal doesn’t get moist and infected with bacteria. Ear infections are especially prevalent in breeds with long floppy ears such as spaniels, Shih Tzus and poodles. Dogs with pointed ears usually don’t have the same problem. […]