How to Measure Your Dog’s Heartbeat and Breathing

Here are two good videos that all dog owners should watch. One shows how to measure your dog’s heartbeat. The second explains how to measure his breathing or respiratory rate. Heartbeat Breathing or respiration rate

How to Recognize and Remove a Tick

You’ll notice a tick on your dog because it’s a tiny black, brown, reddish or tan insect about the size of the head of a pin. Once it’s on your dog, it may swell up to the size of a grape. It’s nice if two people can do this. One to hold the dog steady […]

How to Take a Small Dog’s Temperature

If your dog seems to be off his game but there’s no apparent cause, it’s a good idea (and a reassuring one) to take his temperature and see if there is a physical problem. Normal range for small dogs is 100 to 102 F or 38 to 39 C. Anything outside that range requires veterinary […]