Brussels Griffon

Smooth and rough coat  Griffons
Smooth and rough coat Griffons

People have claimed this dog resembles a monkey, a clown, or an Ewok – the forest-dwelling aliens of Star Wars movies

Vital Statistics:

  • Life span:
    12-15 years
  • Adult weight:
    8-12 pounds
  • Adult height:
    8-10 inches

What’s good and bad about the Griffon?


  • Good watchdog
  • Low maintenance – little shedding, minimal exercise
  • Bright dogs with almost-human expressions
  • Usually gets along with other dogs and cats


  • Sensitive dogs that expect a lot of love
  • May be obstinate – he will require socialization and training
  • Rare enough breed that he hasn’t been overbred, but may be difficult (and expensive) to find.

Here’s a good introduction of the breed.