Chinese Crested

Powderpuff and Hairless
Powderpuff and Hairless

If you want attention, this is the dog. People will ask you why you shave your dog or where you got the miniature horse.

Vital Statistics:

  • Life span:
    12-15 years
  • Adult weight:
    5-10 pounds
  • Adult height:
    11-13 inches

What’s good and bad about the Crested?


  • Devoted to his owner, this dog will reward you with affection and constant attention (like it or not)
  • Only Poodles come in as many colors including blue, pink and lilac
  • Hairless variety are non-shedding and odorless


  • The most emotionally needy dog among the Toy breeds. He cannot be left alone all day while you go to work.
  • Don’t equate hairless with maintenance free. Bare skin is prone to problems and requires safeguarding.
  • Although less fashionable, the powder puff, even with a long white coat, is easier to maintain.

Here’s a short video with a Crested. Yes, they really sound like this.