Toy Manchester Terrier

Toy Manchester Terrier
Toy Manchester Terrier

The Toy Manchester is the same dog as the regular Manchester EXCEPT the Toy is smaller (maximum 12 pounds) and can’t have cropped ears

Vital Statistics:

  • Life span:
    15-16 years
  • Adult weight:
    7-12 pounds
  • Adult height:
    10-12 inches

What’s good and bad about the Manchester?


  • Excellent watchdog
  • Perfect companion for joggers and other active owners
  • Minimal grooming, just brush his coat once a week
  • Tends to be one owner dog and often follows owner around
  • Will be happy on your lap but only after he gets his exercise


  • May be possessive and nippy of his food when
    he isn’t tearing around your home
  • May chase cats and other small animals
  • He’s a terrier – don’t let him dig up your yard
  • He’s a terrier – he will bark at anything

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