Miniature Pinscher


Min Pin
Min Pin

Known as the King of Toys, he is not a miniature Doberman (or any other breed) but a separate and older breed of dog

Vital Statistics:

  • Life span: 13-14 years
  • Adult weight: 8-10 pounds
  • Adult height: 10-12.5 inches

What’s good and bad about the Min Pin?


  • Excellent watchdog who wouldn’t hesitate to go after an intruder
  • Active and high-energy, he’s your workout buddy
  • Brave, playful and adventurous


  • Curiosity and high-energy may cause him to take off any time he gets a chance. (He’ll daydream about how to tippy toe out of your house)
  • Fragile and doesn’t realize it. If he gets hurt, he may react aggressively. Not a pet for small children
  • He can be a handful; this is not the dog for novice dog owners

King of Toys is also the king of hearts.