Toy Poodle

Toy Poodle
Toy Poodle
Vital Statistics:

  • Life span:
    10-14 years
  • Adult weight:
    6-9 pounds
  • Adult height:
    up to 10 inches

Smart, very very smart. Avoid chronic barking by keeping him mentally stimulated.

What’s good and bad about the Toy Poodle?


  • Little physical exercise is required so he is perfect for apartments and condominiums
  • As much as any dog can be considered a non-shedder, this is the one. People with allergies often are able to live with a Toy Poodle
  • He makes an excellent watchdog
  • He’s a lively companion with amusing antics


  • Professional grooming is required every four to six weeks
  • Because he’s so popular, he’s been overbred which accounts for all the potential health problems. Buy only from a reputable breeder
  • Avoid any Toy Poodle labeled “tea cup.” That’s just marketing language for a neurotic and sickly runt

Here’s an example of how smart these dogs can be.