Compare Pet Insurance


Actual Vet Bills pays x% (typically 65% to 90%) of actual bill, not predetermined ‘customary’ rate for your area

Adjustable Deductible allows you to pay $0 to $1000 per incident/treatment before insurance kicks in. The higher the deductible, the lower your monthly premium. Make sure you understand how this works in your policy.

Breed Xs some companies exclude conditions (heart disease for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) that are frequent in a breed but would pay for heart disease treatment in other breeds

Hereditary means both inherited and genetic disease or condition

Holistic includes alternative treatments including acupuncture, water therapy, massage

Pre-existing conditions (at the time you enroll) are usually excluded or may be paid only at limited coverage after a point in time

Procedure Limit pays $x-amount per procedure even though total annual limit may be much higher

Some means the company has plans that cover this to some extent or offers as add-on at additional cost

Wellness covers routine vaccinations and pet exams (this really increases your premium if you include it)

***Excludes Chinese Shar-pei (I have no idea why)