How to Pluck Your Dog’s Ear Hair

Why pluck a dog’s ear hair

Remove extra hair to keep air circulating throughout the ear so the ear canal doesn’t get moist and infected with bacteria.

Ear infections are especially prevalent in breeds with long floppy ears such as spaniels, Shih Tzus and poodles. Dogs with pointed ears usually don’t have the same problem.

Why not to pluck a dog’s ear hair

Not all groomers and veterinarians, however, share this opinion. They believe plucking ear hair creates a greater likelihood of infection by damaging inner ear tissue and giving bacteria a foothold to thrive.

Some groomers note that there’s a reason dogs developed ear hair to begin with and no longer think plucking should be a routine procedure.

Your choice to make

Ask your veterinarian’s opinion. If your dog has floppy ears and frequent ear infections, the vet’s recommendation may still be to pluck. If not, your vet may no longer see the benefit.

If you do it, do it the right way

  • Never, never use forceps or tweezers. Tools are for trained professionals to use, not average dog owners. If you hurt your dog, your next attempt to pluck his ears may lead to a fight to the death.
  • Use an ear powder made for dogs before you pluck. Powder helps dry the hair and prevent your fingers from slipping off the strands. This also reduces the chance of hurting your dog. My groomer recommends (and the video uses) Top Performance ProEar Professional Dog and Cat Ear Powder.

Watch the video below to learn how to pluck the correct way.

Good luck.

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